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Apple’s AirPower wireless charger could launch around September

Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are the company’s first devices to include wireless charging support. Back when they announced last September, Apple also said it would ... Continue Reading →

Meet the AI that IBM Research is teaching to debate human beings

“Hello, Noa. We meet again. And for the first time in front of a non-IBM audience. I’ve been told it helps to take a deep breath. But unfortunately, I cannot do that.” The setting ... Continue Reading →

BlackBerry Key2 gets July 13th release date, and preorders start on June 29th

TCL’s BlackBerry Key2 now has a release date: it’ll be available on July 13th in the United States starting at $649.99 ($100 more than the KeyOne cost at launch), with pre-orders ... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Best Online VPNs and Proxy Services

#1. NordVPN USA IP Available 2,000 IP addresses – 4800+ servers Up to 6 devices connected Mobile App –  iOS & Android Stream Movies & Sports Games Fast! #2. StrongVPN 59,000 ... Continue Reading →

Samsung’s Galaxy A9 is the first quad camera phone

Google’s Pixel 3 reveal came and went earlier this week, bringing us ever closer to the end of new flagship season. For Samsung, the past few months have revolved around the Galaxy ... Continue Reading →

Updated Apple system takes on smartphone addiction

Apple’s polished iPhone line-up comes with tools to help users dial back their smartphone obsessions, amid growing concerns over “addiction” and harmful effects on children. An ... Continue Reading →

Strayer University’s Degree Programs & Support Network

About Strayer University Each year, the number of students taking online distance education courses continues to grow, as the restrictions of traditional campus-based education often ... Continue Reading →

Best Cloud Computing Services

Until a few years back, there were not many cloud service providers. The recent trend of businesses to move towards hybrid clouds has seen new entrants. I compiled a list of top ten ... Continue Reading →

The 10 Best Online Master’s of Information Technology (IT) Degree Programs

Individuals with an online Master’s in Information Technology (IT) degree gain a high level of expertise, often obtain greater responsibilities at their workplace, and often receive ... Continue Reading →

How can you slow down your electrical meter twice and save 50% on your electricity bill perfectly legally!

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you how to save on the cost of the electricity bill by 2-2.5 times, absolutely legally. I think this will help many customers save money! I have ... Continue Reading →