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Tahidi High’s Omosh Involved In A Road Accident

Popular Tahadi High Actor and comedian Kamau Kinuthia famously known as Omosh was involved in a road accident after their car rammed into another one while leaving a wedding.

The news of the accident was broken by his close friend, DJ Patchez through a Facebook post where he stated that the actor was in his company together with his wife.

Although they escaped uninjured, their car was completely damaged and according to the post, as it was written off.

“Last night, had a terrible road accident with my wife and Omosh of Tahidi High. My car was written off but luckily and by God’s grace, we all got out in one piece and no scratch. Prayers work,” read the post.

According to the occupants of the car, the DJ blamed the accident to poor visibility and heavy downpour that the country has been experiencing recently.

He stated that the roads were too dumpy and the down pour was too heavy hence unclear to see oncoming vehicles.

However, the DJ explained that they were saved by the seat belts as their vehicle rammed into the one ahead, an incident that would have resulted to deaths or serious injuries were it not for the safety precaution.

“I rammed into the car ahead because of the heavy rains which affected my visibility. My wife was seated at the co-driver’s seat and Omosh was at the back seat. The seat belts and airbags are the reasons we are still alive,” he said.


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