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Top 10 Fastest and Easiest Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya 2019

Founded by the Kenya Power in partnership with Safaricom in 2015, Okoa Stima is very convenient when the electric power token drains and one does not have the money to purchase immediately.

With a 10 percent interest, the minimum loan amount one can get is 100 shillings while the maximum is 2000 shillings and the money is deposited into the borrower’s Mpesa account within a maximum of 7 days.

Kopa Chapaa is facilitated by Faulu Kenya and for one to qualify for a loan they need to actively use their Airtel money sim card for 6 months. The minimum loan limit is 500 shillings and the maximum limit is 100,000 shillings loan with payment duration of 10 Days.

Zidisha, an international non-profit organization founded in 2008, is a platform that lends money to individual or business organizations through an online platform that matches creditors directly to borrowers.

Zidisha connects borrowers from Kenya and across Africa, with creditors from North America and Europe. To qualify for a loan with Zidisha, you need to;

  • Be employed or have an active business
  • Be of good conduct and reputation
  • Have a good credit score record
  • Be active online to be able to respond to Zidisha queries and products on their website
  • Hold an active Facebook account with good social connections
  • Reside in a country where Zidisha currently operates.
  • Be able and committed to posting frequent updates and reviews regarding the use of the loan and progress of the business on the Zidisha website.
  • Stawika Loan App

Stawika, owned by Stawika Capital, is an app that automatically evaluates mobile phone data and other factors to assign loans.

Stawika also uses information from the CRB to ensure its borrower is not listed on CRB before applying for a loan.

Stawika charges an interest rate of 15 percent and the loan is repayable through Mpesa.

Timiza by Barclays Kenya is open to anybody with a mobile phone and one does not necessarily need to have a Barclays account to use the loan App.

It is also recommended for saving and one increases their chances of getting a loan by depositing money into the App through M-Pesa.

Timiza can be accessed by dialing *848# on your mobile phone if the phone is not a smart gadget.


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